Almost every Sunday I go to church.  Last night while heading to bed I wondered if I should still attend mass with all this social distancing talk.  I fell asleep listing the pros and cons in my head.

When I woke up I decided to go to church.  I sat on the “beach” side of the church knowing there would be less people.  Today there were 5 of us.  I peeked around the corner to the main part of church.  People (maybe 40) were scattered about.  Everyone was waving to each other and giving each other warm smiles.  We are all in this together.

In his sermon today the priest spoke about hope.  He spoke about how you can live for a short while without food or water or even air but you cannot live without hope.  The priest referenced the book Beautiful Hope Finding Hope Every Day in a Broken World.  I came home and searched for the book on Amazon.  The blurb says “When everything seems chaotic and we are faced with a multitude of negative realities, we might be tempted to say that nothing makes sense anymore. But we are not alone—God walks with us and his presence fills us with hope. Because of this we are able to smile in the midst of our difficulties. Despair is defeated because God is with us. Hope does not disappoint!”

In this eerie time we need hope.  We need to keep our hope alive to fight this virus, to fight our boredom at home, to get through this time together (even while apart).


10 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Learning more about you every day and loving it. Thank you for such a lovely post and for sharing. I felt the same sense of community in our little local Newtown grocery the other day. People kept their distance, but smiled at each other and offered suggestions of favorite pierogi brands in the frozen food aisle.

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  2. We watched our church service remotely, via Facebook Live, and yeah, it was as strangely removed as you can imagine. But hearing the sermon about compassion and hope was helpful.

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  3. Thanks Elena , your blog makes me feel a little better with all the uncertainty around us sounds like Father did a good job ,the beach side is the best any way !,,,.

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