Clearing My Head

Being cooped up in my house all by myself has been a challenge…and it’s only day 2.  I am not one to sit around.  I like interactions with people.  I like activity.  So as the sun came out and the temperature warmed I ventured out for a walk.  I didn’t know where I was going or how long I’d be out for but off I went.  At the very least I was hoping to clear my head of all the news flying around.

I found myself a half mile or so from my house on the beach.  Instead of walking I sat.  I sat and took in the small waves crashing.  I watched several others walking and picking up collections of shells.  I saw a man set up an office on a piece of driftwood (what’s better than water front when you have to work).  A college student went by on a run.  I ignored my phone beeping with new text messages.  I just sat.

I let my mind wander.  I let myself just breath.  I let myself just be.


11 thoughts on “Clearing My Head

  1. Your feelings and your walk in the fresh air sounds exactly like my day yesterday. I too like to be around lots of people. I’m missing my family and friends. I’m missing the ability to just go where I want to. And as you say, this is only day 2. I was glad to be able to get outside yesterday. My husband and I walked, ate lunch outside, and tried hard to ignore the news and the messages and emails. Maybe this is a time for us to practice this idea of being in the moment, of true mindfulness. It sounds like you are well on your way. Let’s find ways to help each other through the next week (or more).

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  2. The kids were just saying yesterday they wish we were staying at the beach house. Be thankful you can walk there and capture the peace! As long as the weather stays mild, I keep thinking I can get by staying home. Take more time to wander, breathe, and be in the days ahead!

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  3. This is just what I need to be doing as well. I now have the perfect excuse: a dog that needs to be taken for frequent walks. It’s very good for clearing my head. My challenge now is turning off my brain at night. I think I’m overloading my brain with information during the day.

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