Today is your birthday

Today is your birthday, Mom!  Today you are on an adventure of a life time.  Today you are in Tasmania and the land down under.  Today you are celebrating with friends and family that you haven’t celebrated with in years!

Today is your birthday, Mom!  Today I am planning how to celebrate with you when you get home.  Today I am celebrating you on my own with a nice glass of wine!  Today I am wishing I was on the other side of the world with you.

Today is your birthday, Mom! But by the time this slice is posted your birthday will be yesterday for me and nearly 2 days ago for you (or something like that…it’s hard to keep track).  Regardless of the day though, you deserve to celebrate and be celebrated!  So enjoy your trip, try to relax, and be ready to celebrate more when you return!  Love you!


11 thoughts on “Today is your birthday

  1. Elena,
    Your pieces are so moving, every day. Today’s made me miss my mom, my sisters who are my second and third moms (10 and 11 years older), and, like you, look forward to when we can be together to celebrate one another. Whenever that may be. Enjoy your glass of wine!

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