Friday Crew

“Ladies. Are we going out tomorrow???” comes the text almost every Thursday night. And the answers back are almost always “yes.”

It’s the pact my friend Ali, Deb and I have…a quick happy hour on Friday afternoon. It’s a time to debrief the work week. It’s a time to share about our lives after school. It’s a time to just relax.

It’s the hour before Ali races off to pick up her girls. It’s the hour before Deb goes to take care of her pups. It’s the hour before I go do whatever I’m doing that Friday night.

Those 60 minutes, 75 if we’re lucky, are what sometimes get us through the work week. Those minutes are precious but I wouldn’t want to use them any other way.


7 thoughts on “Friday Crew

  1. I connected with your call to the Friday Crew and the repeat of what the time represents.This shows the importance of the weekly get together. We (Some colleagues and I) socialise once a month and also acknowledge the benefit of the reunion.

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  2. Such simple slice that packs s much meaning.The paragraph where you personalize “the hour before” for each member of the crew gives us a glimpse into who they are and the life they each live. Well crafted!

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