We’ve all been there…You’re in a public bathroom. Everything works based on sensors. You have to wave your hands 5 times for the toilet to flush or the paper towels to be dispensed.

But have you ever had to switch sinks because the water just won’t come out and gotten soap all over you?

Picture this… you’re in an airport bathroom with tons of other women. You’re trying to rush to keep the line moving. So you come out of the bathroom stall having waved 10 times for it to flush and you put soap on your hands quickly. You move over slightly but water won’t come out. You move your hands to the left and right, up and down but still no water. You finally give up and move to the next spout. Buuuuttttt instead of water, air comes blasting out causing the soap on your hands to go flying all over your hair and face. What the…?! 

No only me?! Well take this as a warning to beware of public bathroom sinks.

12 thoughts on “Soap

  1. I always thought the cantankerous faucet refusing to dispense water was a personal vendetta against me. I see that faucet generously spout water for the woman in front of me only to refuse my hand waving. Now I know this is a universal struggle! Hope you found a working faucet.

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  2. Yes. I recall that after one especially long flight I was waving my hands under the faucet silently begging it to flow, then moving to the next faucet and a third, when I finally mumble aloud, “What? Am I invisible, too? Besides jet-lagged?” Another person came up next to me and the faucet turned on immediately for her.

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