3 Years

If anyone would have told me back in high school that I would be a writer/blogger someday I would have laughed in their face.  I have never considered myself a writer but here I am starting my 3rd Slice of Life Challenge.

These month long, and the subsequent weekly challenges have taught me so much about myself as a writer.  I have learned that it is so much easier to write what you know or experience because you are passionate about it.  I have learned that I tend to start my narratives with dialogue.  I have learned that I dislike editing and revising my pieces of writing.  I have learned that sometimes I just need to start writing and the slice will come to me.  I have learned I tend to write shorter slices than some of my fellow slicers.  I have learned to live the life of a writer and always be looking for my next slice.

The bigger pieces learned for me though have come in my teaching.  By doing these challenges I have become more comfortable sharing my own writing with my students.  I have become more aware of the struggles or writers blocks my students have.  I know more strategies for helping with these struggles too.  I understand the frustrations of my first graders when I ask them to go back and add some feeling or to check this word for revising.

So here’s to year 3 and to more learning!


13 thoughts on “3 Years

  1. What a great way to start the challenge – with a reflection about where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, and where you’re going. I always enjoy your posts and the way we support each other as colleagues and as writers. We learn so much when we make ourselves vulnerable and when we try things out together. Here’s to another March SOLC!


  2. Not only have you taken the brave step into the unknown to begin a blog and sustain it but you have inspired so many to try as well. Pretty remarkable if you ask me. Thanks for being an incredible role model.

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  3. wooohooot! I remember the day you sat in my living room and said you didn’t consider yourself a writer! Yet, that day, you came, you stayed you wrote. Clearly curiousity and belief in teaching from what we know and experience drew you in and hooked you! YAY YOU! LOVE connecting with you every week and now, for March, EVERY DAY! xoxo

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  4. Excellent post! Your closing paragraph is spot on. I am a better writing teacher when I am writing. I am a better reading teacher when I am reading. I love this month of writing (and reading) because it makes me aware of all of the other writers/teachers out there like me.

    Thank you for sharing! Happy writing!

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