The Trip from ****

Jake, Tori and I jump in the car with the driver at 3:20 to head to the airport. The GPS reads 5:22 as our ETA. “Perfect,” I say, “that’ll give us 45 minutes to check Jake’s golf clubs and get through security before boarding. Thank you TSA pre-check.”

As we are driving, though, the ETA keeps creeping up. “Looks like you’ll have to hustle when we get there,” says the driver as the ETA reaches 5:45 and my anxiety goes up a notch.

20 minutes later and I check the ETA again. We’ll arrive at the airport with 7 minutes to check Jake’s golf clubs and get through security before boarding starts. This driver needs to get aggressive I think as my anxiety goes up even more.

Eventually we arrive at the airport and sprint from the car. Jake darts to check his golf bag and we all race through the TSA pre-check line. As we get through security we start running to our gate…of course the furthest one from security.

We arrive at the gate with 15 minutes to spare until the doors close and out of breath. We all collapse in our seats…all middle seats, all 5 rows apart.

You would think our journey ends in there. But it doesn’t…

4 thoughts on “The Trip from ****

  1. Jeez! I was sharing your anxiety! Glad you made it in time to check those clubs! That line about collapsing in the seats, all middle seats, all five rows apart made me laugh! At that point, none of that mattered, you made it! Enjoy your trip!!

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