KHS Learns

Last Monday my principal organized a walk through of sorts for our faculty meeting.  She wanted the staff to go around the building and see the amazing things happening in classrooms…things that are making classroom life slightly easier.

Coworkers signed up to share a variety of things like:

  • anchor charts
  • books
  • student made charts
  • book clubs
  • read alouds
  • small group plans
  • video alouds

To be honest, at first I thought I had much better things to do with my time than to walk around and see these things, but I was proven wrong.

One of my coworkers shared a video aloud which I could not wait to try.  I showed a short video to my class called Pip.  Reading partners took on the role of the 2 characters in the video paying attention to the character’s feelings.  We stopped often and discussed the feelings, especially trying to push ourselves to think of different words for happy and sad.  On day 2 we “reread” the short video and noticed new things (one huge concept being the video had no words).  Day 3 we used those feelings to help us retell.  The class LOVED it.  It was a nice change of pace…but the students are still doing all the same work as in their books.

So, thank you to all my coworkers for sharing their classrooms and ideas with me.  I can’t wait to try even more of the great ideas that were shared last week.

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