A visitor

I always start my parent teacher conferences with, “Do you have any questions or comments? Or should I just get started and you can jump in as needed?”

Then I move into talking about each academic area… “X is doing well overall and I have no big concerns for him. Let’s start by looking at his writing. Here is his most…”


“Is everything ok, Ms Wetmore?”

“Um, yeah! So, um, a, um little furry friend just scampered in under the Smartboard and hopefully kept going out the door. But we’ll keep going as I don’t want to miss anytime talking to you about X!” And continued on with the conference.

I managed to get through those parent/teacher conference and one more before bolting bond connecting custodians.

7 thoughts on “A visitor

  1. Oh so funny! I had that happen with I was being observed. A mouse ran right under my legs and through the classroom. I know that feeling of never mind – we will just keep going! Hope someone finds a new home for your visitor!

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