Best Self

At our faculty meeting today we discussed meta-moments.  The moment between a trigger and your reaction.  In that meta-moment it is thought that the best thing to do is to think about who you want to be, your best self.

My students often say to me “you’re the best teacher ever!”  But what is my best self?  What are they seeing that they really like?  Like I aspire to be?

After much thought, I’d say the top adjectives to describe my best self would be…

  • patient with my students, emails I receive and myself learning new things.
  • flexible with student conversations, the way the day goes and schedule changes that are out of my hands.
  • calm in the chaos that is an elementary school
  • approachable to current and past students, coworkers, and parents about whatever is on their mind, academic related or not

What would be on your best self list?


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