Spontaneous Dance Party

My family and I sit on the beach on my last Sunday of summer vacation.  I hear “Welcome to the hotel California. Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face.”  I feel a slight breeze as I relish in the heat from the sun.  I look over and see my Uncle Doug bouncing to the lyrics.

The next song pops on “Well I’m runnin’ down the road tryin’ to loosen my load
Got a world of trouble on my mind.”  Tori grabs Aunt Judy’s hand and says “come on! teach me your moves!”  Off they go in the sand with Judy showing Tori the ropes to her to the bop dance she always does.  ”

The next thing I know Tori has grabbed my mom’s hand and Judy has grabbed Aunt Beth’s and they are twirling each other around.  “Wait.  How did Judy do that,” I can hear Tori say several times.  “Switch.  She like throws you in this fancy move.  I need Judy back to learn it better.”

Before I know it the beach is filled with family, young and old, dancing to songs like the Electric Slide, the Alley Cat, the Cupid Shuffle and The Git Up.  We are all laughing hysterically and out of breath from dancing in the sand and trying to learn new moves.

The musics ends (or maybe we call it quits) and we hear applause.  Looking around we notice that our neighbors have been watching and have enjoyed us as their entertainment.  Before long we hear music coming from their porch…  “Sweet Caroline…
Good times never seemed so good.”  We look over and they have caught the dancing fever from their chairs.

Good times never did seem so good.  A perfect ending to summer!


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