Last hurrah

Who knew it was National Middle Sibling day when Tori and I asked Brett to go out?! It was a perfect fit for our evening of celebrating. Celebrating our middle sibling getting married in 12 days!

The only problem…it was a Monday! Places are closed on Mondays. Or close early. So we had to think on our feet…a lot.

Our evening started at New England Brewing Company where we enjoyed some beers that were new favorites and some old favorites. We laughed. We reminisced. We discussed not liking the barking dog that was there and how much to donate to the fundraiser going on.

We had to cross Tribus off our list when we looked at the website and found out it was closed.

Our next stop would be Area Two where we could have a flight and experiment with their beers. Which ones did we like or not? Brett and Tori liked many of the same. I was the odd ball liking many sour beers. We wanted to order pizza as we moved on to Two Roads. Oops… the pizza place was closed too and so was Two Roads by the time we got there.

So, we rallied our parents to join us for dinner at Joey C’s. We laughed. We reminisced. We discussed the slow staff members and of course the upcoming wedding.

We ended the night on the beach house porch. Around the table top fire. Smiling. Crying. Reminiscing. Savoring this quiet family moment. Just the 5 of us.

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