My usual

“Will you meet us at Krissy’s Korner for breakfast tomorrow,” my aunts ask me on Sunday afternoon as we’re sitting on the beach.

“I’ll try my best.  I have to go to the gym first and there is no way I’m setting an alarm on my first day of summer vacation,” I answer.

On Monday morning I get a text message from my mom while I’m at the gym saying that everyone just arrived at Krissy’s and did I want to join them.  I was almost done with my workout so shot a text back “Sure!  I’ll be there in 15.  Tell Kris I’ll have my usual.”

Now if you know me, you know that I go to Krissy’s Korner almost every weekend and order the same thing.  I get made fun of almost every weekend for not even trying something different.  Green tea, spinach and feta omelet, white toast, no potatoes.

So when I walk in and Kris and Krissy both ask “What’s your usual again?” I think they’re joking.

But they’re not!  They were close with my order…green tea, spinach, tomato and feta omelet, white toast, potatoes. !  Oh well, it still tasted delicious.  Maybe I have a new usual, but maybe not.


6 thoughts on “My usual

  1. So fun! Tomatoes and potatoes slicing things up for you! Love the way you crafted this piece. You created a slow pace with the workout and text and the wondering g whether you will make it to Krissy’s. Your usual sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing?

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