I’m sure I’m the only one that knows this but I always schedule my blogs to publish at 7:03am.  Very few times have they posted at any other time of the day.

Why?  I have no clue!  I am not a superstitious person but for as long as I can remember I have liked 3’s and 7’s.  Any alarm I set is set with a 3 or a 7.  For example, I wake up at 6:03 or 5:27.  Again, no clue where this started but I always get weird looks or comments when I do.

However, recently I was setting an alarm in front of my family and Brett didn’t flinch.  This surprised me so I asked “you don’t think I’m weird for that?”

“Nope!  I do the same thing.”

I was in shock.  “Have you always done that?  Why?”

He actually had a reason… “Well, if I need to actually start my day at 7, I’ll set it for 6:57.  That gives me 3 minutes to fully wake up and get my feet on the ground by 7.  It maximizes the sleep I get and makes me feel less rushed.”

“Do you do this for other things besides waking up?” I asked.

“Yup…but it doesn’t revolve around 3s and 7s like yours.  I just pick random times.”

At this point my parents are laughing and shaking their heads at both of us.  “You’re both strange.  Where did you come from?”


3 thoughts on “7:03

  1. Interesting! I think I may have to set my alarms with 2’s! I love the number 2! I love learning the little things that make you, you! So fun! I have to admit I don’t know how to set my blog to publish😬. I’m a manual kinda girl!

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