Proud of ALL of my students for attempting the Slice of Life Challenge.

Proud of the variety of writing they shared.

Proud of the chances they took in their writing.

Proud of the comments they made to one another about their slices.

Proud of the discussions I overheard during the month of April.

Proud of the dedication of some for completing 30 days.


Excited to see where this challenge leads…

…will they continue to fall in love more and more with writing?

…will they continue to write daily?

…will they inspire others to attempt the challenge next year in 3rd grade?


Only time will tell!

(During our Slice of Life award ceremony…look at the anticipation)IMG_5189









6 thoughts on “Proud

  1. What moment for them and you! You have every reason to be proud of them and yourself! By taking this on – they have not only seen, but experienced, what it means to be a writer outside of Writing Workshop! Yay YOU! Thanks for sharing!

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