Disaster strikes

I rushed in the door to shower and change before heading out to meet a friend.  I had 10 minutes.  Could I make it in time? 

I raced up the stairs, turned on the shower and waited for it to warm up.

I waited and waited.

No luck!  No hot water. Ugh!  

I jumped in the cold shower and took the fastest shower of my life.

On my way to meet my friend I called my dad to ask for advice.  It went straight to voicemail though as my parents were out to dinner with friends.

As I got home I got a text message from my dad… “check your hot water heater IMMEDIATELY!”

I crept down the basement stairs.

“Oh shhhuuuuugar!”  I said out loud turning to the right to see that my hot water heater had seen better days and my basement was now covered with an inch of water.  “This is not good. Shhhuuuuugar! Shhhuuuuugar! Shhhuuuuugar!”

I called my uncle who talked me through shutting off my water and who assured me he’d call my plumber (his friend) first thing in the morning for me.  I crawled up the stairs and went to bed… I’d deal with it in the morning when it was light out.

In the morning the nightmare was still there.  I called my aunt Kris for reinforcement.  She came over and the two of us worked as a team to clean up the mess.  We tore up the carpet in one section of the basement.  We took things out of boxes in another.  And we used the shop-vac on everything.  “I wanted to clean out my basement over my April break,” I said to her at one point. “Guess now’s the time.”

By the time we were done I’d estimate only 4 heads being bumped on the ceiling and about 15 swears.  “The mess is cleaned up.  It’s now the plumbers job to get me water again. Where can I take you for dinner and drinks to thank you,” I asked rubbing a sore back.

“I love this stuff!  No need to thank me.  But I have been craving Testo’s,” she answered.

And off we went… (first to shower at her house though)!



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