Help me get these out of here

I ring the doorbell and wait, soaking in the sun, but huddle into my jacket to hide from the wind.

“Hi,” beams Linda as she opens the door.  Linda is the nanny for the 6th grader I tutor in math.  “I made lemon cupcakes with a vanilla lemon frosting. They’re still warm.”  She goes on to tell me the whole recipe as she places a cup of tea in front of me.

“Had the itch to bake?!” I say with a salivating smile.

Maddie comes in and asks for a cupcake too.  Whispering Linda says something to Maddie like “you have to wait until later.”

“Please!” Maddie says back.

Linda shakes her head no and says to me in less than a whisper “Craig (the dad) came home unannounced.  He’s not happy I baked.  I swear I never bake.  At least not for a long time.”

Before leaving Maddie and I to our math Linda comes over, gives Maddie 1 bite of a cupcake, winks and leaves.

An hour later, as I put my coat on, Linda hands me a tupperware container filled with cupcakes.  “Help me get these out of here,” she says ushering me out the door.



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