I was out sick on Wednesday.  Feeling better but still sluggish I made my way to work on Thursday.

I typically setup for my day the afternoon before so I try to get to my classroom early.  Success!

Walking into the building I am full of anxiety. Will the classroom be a mess?  Will anything be broken?  What will the guest teacher’s note say?  

I slowly open the door to my classroom and look around.  Not bad!  Everything looks like it did when I left it.  Nothing broken like the last time.  Another success.

I spot the guest teacher note near the smartboard.  “We spent most of the morning needing reminders of talking and self control.”  Ugh…opposite of success.

I make my way to my desk.  I spot something new.  Something green.  “Little touch of spring for your desk,” reads the note from a parent.  My smile is back!

Here goes another day!


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