Anything involving needles is not my cup of tea. In fact, most of the time I get very lightheaded during it and have been known to pass out. But I’ve learned some tricks over the years.

Recently, I had to face this fear. I made an appointment for before work. I woke up and headed straight to Quest. Sitting in the waiting room for only 2 minutes definitely helped the anxiety.

“Elena. Come on back,” said the phlebotomists. “Come right in this room.”

“Um, sorry! Can I go in a different room?” I asked tentatively. “One where I could lay down.”

I could feel the annoyance of the phlebotomists but she smiled and said “sure.”

“Believe me,” I continued. “This will start off on a better foot.”

The phlebotomists shrugged and led me across the hall. Within about 10 minutes I was finished.

No lightheadedness. No passing out.

“See, a much better and faster start to both of our days,” I said walking out the door. “Thanks.”

** I found out my bloodwork was perfect! “The best cholesterol I’ve seen in a while!”**

6 thoughts on “Bloodwork

  1. I’ve had to do tons of blood work lately so I can relate. So glad that you advocated for yourself and that it worked for you. I think the health care industry gets a little callused to their jobs day in and day out.

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  2. You set this slice up with the first few lines. Then, you wove the dialogue in purposefully. The ending comment to the phlebotomist were parting words that also said “thanks for listening to me and working with me” – So important to let those in the medical field know the trick and strategies that work for our bodies! Thanks for sharing!

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