Magic Pen

During parent teacher conference week our library is transformed into a book fair.  Lucky (or unlucky) for me the library is next door to my classroom.  This year the kids have been extremely respectful of my rules: ask first, go during snack or morning work time, and be fast about it.  Of course the biggest hits of the book fair aren’t the books but the extra stuff…the pens, the toys, the pointers, etc.

Today I’m busy taking attendance and making sure the lunch count goes down when I hear a group of kids laughing and and pointing a magic pen at a students face.

I go over for closer inspection.

“Look what G did!  He got a magic pen this morning,” I hear L say.

“How does it look?” Q asks.

I then realize what happened and laugh.  G has drawn a goatee on Q’s face.

“Why did you do that?” I ask.

“I didn’t,” replies Q.  “G did!”

“But you let him.  You know that writing utensils are used for paper in this classroom.”

“He must have wanted to look like an old man,” S shouts from across the room.

We all laugh and start our day!


6 thoughts on “Magic Pen

  1. Oh my goodness! That’s funny. Side note, I hate the junk at bookfairs! I know they drive up sales… but it should be banned. When I send Wren with money for her book fair, I always say, “no junk!”

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  2. Ha! What a funny moment! Sounds like the class got a kick out of it. Your use of dialogue showing how several kids got involved in this helped to show a sense of community you must enjoy with your kids. Thanks!

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  3. What a fun way to start your day that turn slice worthy! You set the conversation up with the description and then the conversation leads us through the moment! Such great energy! Thanks for sharing!

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