I finally popped my Teacher’s College Reunion bubble with weekend!  I traveled into the city with 4 of my colleagues, all veteran TC reunion goers, all bubbling with excitement.  I had no idea what to expect.

We funneled into Riverside Church to hear the opening keynote speaker, Jason Reynolds.  I could not believe how many people were there and how chipper everyone was so early in the morning.  I sat down to listen.

Jason Reynolds began talking.  One of the first things he said was “we are all growing, nobody is grown.”  Throughout the story he told (the story of his life) I kept coming back and thinking about this one line.

I am definitely “a lifelong learner.”  I am always growing as a person and an educator, always seeking out new opportunities and challenges.  But not everyone sees themselves that way.

Many of my students don’t push themselves to learn or do more than what is expected of them.  They don’t challenge themselves to grow.  When they are done, they are done.  Some even see themselves as being the best at everything, almost appearing to be “know-it-all’s.”

So I’m left pondering… how do I make my students see that “we are all growing, nobody is grown?”


4 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. I think the idea of growing vs grown, is a big question that we need to hold on to as adults – we need to continually be growing and let that seep it’s way into our schools and classrooms so that we can always be growing together! Hard work, but worth it! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love that the first line of the day is what has stuck with you. I had to stop and thing when he said this but forgot about it as the day went on. I think the questions you ponder here are great ones for us all to keep thinking about.

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  3. I think you are modeling for them what it looks like to always be growing. Keep encouraging them to see themselves as learners and to keep growing! After all, the are only in second grade!

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