“Taaaaxi,” Katie and I yell with our hand up.  We were standing outside of the new Hudson Yards in NYC with many, many other people.  We had just finished enjoying a nice evening of catching up when we noticed the time.  I had a train to catch and Katie had other friends to meet.

We hop in the cab.  When was the last time I took a taxi?  It’s been an Uber most of the time recently.  

We are chatting, watching the clock tick while sitting in traffic, wondering if we made the right decision to skip the subway.  From behind us comes an ambulance, sirens blaring.  The taxi turns the corner, following the ambulance and stops dead.

The driver turns and says in broken English “Road closed.  Get out.  We’re close.”

We start to get out of the taxi and realize we hadn’t paid.  Oops!  It really has been a while since I was in a taxi I guess.  

I reach in my wallet and pull out $10.  I go to hand the money to the driver and am met by a window.  Katie and I look at each other puzzled and feeling stupid… how do we get the driver the money?

The cars behind us get impatient and start to honk.  The driver taps on the window and points to the little opening for the money.

We quickly pass the money through the opening and get out of the cab fast, laughing.


7 thoughts on “Taxi

  1. It’s funny how times change. Most of us aren’t used to paying with cash for anything anymore! When I lived in the city we always took taxis but that was before the days of Uber, Lyft, Get, etc.

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