10 things I LOVE about my future sister-in-law

I’m hanging out with my brother and future sister-in-law and realized I haven’t written my post for the morning. Eek! But then it comes to me…a few times tonight I’ve said something like “oh man! That’d be a fun slice.” So here goes a snippet while they setup for our game of Jenga…

  1. She’s my go to girl for high, high heels. (I’m 5’10″… when would I ever buy these?!) She even let me try on her future wedding shoes tonight.
  2. She has “introduced” me to high end champagnes.
  3. She keeps me from getting too tan by sitting in the shade a lot. Aka she burns easily.
  4. She is gullible.  She can’t tell the difference between myself and Siri. Or their is the fact that she enjoyed getting a banana in a box for Christmas.
  5. She goes along with me making fun of her “gullibleness.”
  6. She’ll say many things that I don’t want to say, which is great for my shyness.
  7. I can keep on her good side by telling her when lights dim. She is worried she’s fainting when this happens.
  8.  She fits in great with my extended family and goes along with our corkiness!
  9. She has my back (and my brother’s) in a bar fight.
  10. She loves her dog, Moo, as much as she loves my brother. Moo loves me though (see how much here).

I can’t wait for you to join our family, Amanda!


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