Poem #1

My class and I have been working in our poetry unit.  Last week we had a visitor from TC come in.  One of my biggest take-aways was that we are teaching the poet, not the poem.  She suggested that we push revision, especially writing about the same topic using different structures and different strategies. 

So I’m setting out to do that.  I challenged my class to write about the same topic at least 5 times.  They are anxiously awaiting each day where I am sharing a new version of my swimming poem too.  


Draft #1

(Note I purposely started with an acrostic poem because so many of my students are doing these.  I wanted them to see how they could branch out)



IM is all the strokes in 1 race

Meets that take forever.

Making a splash.

Increase your speed to win.

Natatorium is a fancy word for indoor pool

Getting in a cold pool, even in the winter.

8 thoughts on “Poem #1

  1. It’s so great that you are modeling your own writing for the students! My favorite line is “One of my biggest take-aways was that we are teaching the poet, not the poem.” SO TRUE!! You having the students write 5 poems about the same topic made me think of this post I wrote about a workshop I went to where we wrote poems about the same topic, but ‘under the influence’ of other poems. It might spark some ideas for you.

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  2. It’s great to write alongside your students. My students love to write acrostics. I think I’ll do the “write 5 times in different forms about the same topic” to see if I can break them of this habit.

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  3. Go you sharing your writing – walking the walk – in front of your kids, with your kids! Brave, brave, brave! I thoroughly enjoyed you poem – you’ve used the acrostic structure but you stretched each letter and together it tells a story! CAN’T WAIT to read the revisions! Could you write “What happens when I share my 5 revisions with my class?” You know I am always curious!! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I love the way you are starting where your kids are. I also like that you are trying to stretch their thinking a bit. I’m eager to see your revisions too! This has been an exciting process for us as writers!

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