Thank You

Dear Aunt Judy and Uncle Lou,

I’m beyond happy to have spent Valentine’s Day with you both.  From the cosmo cocktails to the delicious dessert the whole night was perfect!  I enjoyed our conversation, hearing about your dating life, especially the story of your proposal.  The best part though was checking out the  interesting outfit choices of some people coming in to dine.  My only regret of the night…we didn’t take a picture (of us, not them).

It’s not everyday where a girl would want AND choose to spend her night out with her aunt and uncle.  But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…my family is the best!  And you both are a major part of that bond.  Our family is unique and wonderful.  As cliche as it sounds, I couldn’t imagine our family without you around.

So thank you so much for making my Valentine’s Day so special.  Thank you for being in my corner always.  Most of all, thank you for being your amazing selves.




5 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Such a simple slice that holds love and respect! Cherish is the word that came to mind as I read your slice! This line made me pause when I reread your slice. “Our family is unique and wonderful.” I think all families are unique and wonderful! This line could be a lead in to another slice! Thanks for sharing from down warm, sunny FLO-rida! Enjoy!

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