What’s the weather forecast?  Will there be school tomorrow?  I hope she makes the right call (and early) this time I don’t want to be driving white-knuckled again.  

These were the conversations being had by everyone at school today.  Each time I heard the conversation I would reply “It’s so close to break, do we really need a day off now?”  Of course, I’d get a weird look from that comment.

As I’m walking into my aunt and uncle’s for grilled cheese night at 5:50 I receive this tweet…


“Ugh!” I say unhappily.  “I have no school tomorrow.”

Again, I receive a weird look from my aunt.  “Um…what?  Why are you not jumping for joy?”

Sure a day off unexpectedly to stay in your pajamas all day, relax or get some chores done around the house is always nice (even so close to a vacation).  Even if it means adding a day on in June.

But part of the snow day excitement (at least for me) is the build up.  Taking the chance staying up late.  Waking up looking out the window at random hours of the night to see if the snow started.  Listening for the snow plows.  The phone call at 5:30am …what will it say?

Today though, the call came at 5:50pm…So early!  One of the first districts around.  No more building of excitement but rather a snow day to-do list.



10 thoughts on “Snow

  1. It’s our fifth snow day in three weeks. Today was probably the first time that I haven’t jumped in joy for the time off. I love being with my kids, but am not looking forward to how we will make it up!

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  2. It is so true….the excitement, the suspense, and then the call….That’s what’s fun about a snow day. And this morning there is no snow! We could have gone in and had an early dismissal. Oh well….it gave me time to create my post in time for TWT!

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  3. Totally get your point of view on this one! BUT, I have to say, I was a wee bit excited getting the call so early – as tired as I was last night, the news gave me a boost of energy to get things done last night so I could enjoy today! Thanks for sharing the other perspective!

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    1. I was all for “no snow days” this season… but I was so hopeful that we would have one today. Some how, yesterday pushed me to what felt like my limit! No more though… but I hear you about the anticipation. Your piece made me think of peeking under my shades as a kid, looking to the streetlights to look for falling snow.

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  4. We are on Snow Day #8 today! I had two training sessions to present…one a make up day for a snow day 2 weeks ago. This is a crazy winter. I like your idea of making a Snow-Day-To- Do list. Enjoy having the day to yourself!

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  5. Such an interesting perspective about the timing of the “snow day” announcement. I always like the first snow day… and I’d like the rest of them better if we didn’t have to “make up” what we missed.

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