Last Christmas my sister convinced me to help her create Family Jeopardy for my dad’s side of the family to play on Christmas Eve.  We spent a lot of time coming up with questions so that everyone could participate.  We thought and compiled a list for weeks.  It was a HUGE success.

Back by popular demand this year…Family Jeopardy.  However, we decided to ask for some help.  This way we didn’t know all the answers and could learn some new information about our family.  We sent out a Google Form asking for everyone to put in 1 or 2 questions. Not many people responded but we did get many emails back saying “Can’t wait to play!” or “So fun!”  We even got some questions submitted about UCONN instead of our family.

Therefore, we headed to my dad.  He has received the email but just ignored it.  “Dad, we need your help coming up with questions for Family Jeopardy.”  No immediate response. But the next morning on the kitchen table was a note filled with many questions.  They were even split into categories for us.

“What was Uncle Joe’s middle name?” Tori asked as she read the list.

“You’ll have to wait to find out,” my dad answered.

“What semi-pro basketball team did Pop Jack play on?” I asked in the same manner.

“Wait and see,” he answered.

This went on for a while before Tori and I realized we were not going to be able to tell people if they were answering correctly or not.  But what choice did we have?  It was Christmas Eve at 4pm.  The festivities were beginning at 6pm.  So we compiled the questions on the game board and headed to the party with our fingers crossed.

Thankfully, my dad stayed close by (and attentive) to the game to help with the answers!  There was some disagreement of answers at times but a lot was remembered and learned about the family.  Overall…another success.

“Who is making Jeopardy next year?” Tori and I asked in unison as the last question was answered.

“You guys are so good at it.  Keep up the good work,” was the unanimous reply.

I guess we better get thinking…




4 thoughts on “Jeopardy

  1. You captured your Dad’s pride as the keeper of family history with his secretive responses! This piece flows smoothly as you give the history behind it and then lead into the present day! What a great piece of family YOU have captured – future question “family blogger/writer” – “answer – Elena!” Thanks for sharing and Happy Happy New Year!

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