“Your daughter is such a sweetheart.”

“Your son is the life of the class.”

“I have no concerns.”

“He is right where he needs to be.”

By the end of 3 days of conferences I start to feel like a broken record.  Repeating myself or thinking I’m repeating myself.  So it was a nice change when I started the conference with the parents asking about me.  “How was you Thanksgiving?  How’s your school year going?”

Of course we quickly moved on to talk about their daughter.  I brought up how she seems to always be cold.  Mom agreed, but dad was surprised.  I brought up how she is very quiet.  Again, mom agreed and dad was 50/50 about his thoughts.

When we started talking about reading I showed a Junie B Jones books as an example of a just right book.  Mom exclaimed “Wow!  That’s great, I’m so proud of her!” and dad said “Wait…we’re talking about my 2nd grader, not kindergartener.”  Needless to say, the mom gave the dad a death stare while we all started laughing hysterically.

No more broken record.


2 thoughts on “Wait…

  1. So funny! PT Conferences are are so exhausting. I’m glad these parents were concerned with asking YOU how things were going and that you had a moment of levity! My husband has been know to be slightly disengaged from conferences as well…..Luckily, with our youngest being a junior in HS, we do not have many more to go to.

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