Last week was a very high energy week at my school.  The much anticipated Pumpkin Palooza party had happened the previous Friday and was the talk of the town, Halloween was Wednesday and Thursday was PJ day.

During snack on Monday one of my students came over to me saying “don’t come over here.  There is a surprise and you can’t know about it.”  I didn’t think anything of it and was indeed surprised at dismissal to find a note on my chair saying “Boo to you!”

Tuesday was a low-key day with nothing happening out of the ordinary.  I’ll take it, I thought to myself.

The students were excited on Wednesday.  They couldn’t wait for our party and of course to get home to trick-or-treat!

On Thursday night I arrived home and tucked into my lunch box was a ziplock bag full of candy.  I had no idea where it had come from but assumed it was from my parents house, where I had spent Halloween.  My mom must have wanted the leftover candy out of their house, I thought.

A friend arrived in my room on Friday craving candy.  I went to give her a piece from my mystery bag but realized I had left it on my kitchen counter.  I told her the story of the mystery bag and we laughed.

Later on Friday 2 boys came up to be and said “BOO!  Did you know it was us that booed you with all that candy?”

“Nope!  But you totally made my week!  You know me well with my sweet tooth.  Thank you!”



5 thoughts on “Boo

  1. Love that you captured the mystery and the love that Halloween can bring to a chaotic week! Your slice also captures the up and down feelings that we all – adults and kids – have the week of Halloween! You end the slice with appreciation when, after Halloween, we’re often exhausted! Thanks for sharing!

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