Where in the USA…

Several months ago, while lurking on Facebook, I stumbled across a post about a trip someone was taking through a company called Pack Up and Go!  I was intrigued.  So, I did some research of my own.  Here is what I found out… it is a company that plans surprise 3-day trips in the US for people.  You give them a budget, dates, fill out a questionnaire (what type of vacations do you typically like and where have you already been) and choose if you want to travel by car or plane/train.  A week before the date, they send you an email with the forecast, what to pack and where/when to be on your designated date.  Then a few days before you get an envelope in the mail with a list of fun things to do in the surprise location and restaurants to eat at and your boarding pass.  That’s it!  How cool/crazy/scary/adventurous?!

This company kept coming back into my mind for the next few weeks.  I told several people about it and got mixed opinions about it.  But I still thought why not?  I hate planning trips but love to travel.  And if you go with someone there is always food and drinks and conversation to be had.  What could be bad about it?  I set off to find someone to do this with me.

Fast forward to this past Saturday

My college room mate, Laura, and I received our email.  We are flying on Saturday morning from separate locations (she’s from NH, I’m from CT) to a locations that should be in the low 90s for the 3 days we are there and partly sunny.  We were told to pack sneakers as there is a lot to see and a hike if we are adventurous, an empty stomach for some good food and drinks, a camera for amazing history and scenic views and a night outfit to catch up over drinks or see a great show in.

Where are we going?!


To be continued (after the trip)…

12 thoughts on “Where in the USA…

  1. AWESOME! can’t wait to hear about it. It reminds me of this bookstore I saw on vacation where a bookcase full of books were wrapped in brown paper with 3-4 clues to the best reader. Surprises are good, let’s have more and create some for others.

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  2. I was going to guess Charleston, but now I’m thinking maybe Savannah? Santa Fe? This is a very cool idea. I would like it, but my wife really enjoys the planning. She might be a tough sell. Can’t wait to read the follow-up.

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