Dear Slicers

Dear Slicers,

Can you believe it is March 30th?  I feel like it was just March 1st.  We are 1 day away from saying “I wrote for 31 straight days.”  1 day away from maybe taking a day off .  1 day away from completing this challenge. Can you believe it?  We did it!  I wanted to take this opportunity though to thank you.

Thank you for this challenge.

Thank you for sharing your daily writing.

Thank you for your comments.

Thank you for teaching me new writing moves.

Thank you for sharing your daily lives with me.

Thank you for challenging me.

Thank you for all your inspiration.


I hope to see you all again next year!

Write on,




16 thoughts on “Dear Slicers

  1. This is so sweet. It is so hard to believe that the month of March is almost behind us. Thank YOU for taking on this challenge. It’s been a joy to have you along for the journey, to be supported by you, and of course to read your writing. ❤️

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  2. Thank you for reading my slices! Your encouragement helped me accomplish this 31 day challenge. And yes, I cannot believe we have only two days left! I remember struggling on Day 3!

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  3. Thank you for participating! I’m always amazed at the writing I encounter during this challenge, and learn right along with you. We’re almost there–and this is my sixth year! Whooohoooo!

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