We are over 1/3 through this challenge and I am learning so much about all of you and about myself as a writer.  I’ve been getting many great ideas from other slicers too.

This is an idea I got from the blog my heart is happiest when i travel. read. write. connect.  (I hope she doesn’t mind I stole it).


Hello there…

I am strong, mentally and physically.

I keep myself organized and with a routine.

I wish ice cream, cakes and sweets were a healthy part of a diet.

I love more than anything being with my family, immediate and extended.

I dance when others do, but am too shy to dance on my own.

I sing awfully but do it when I’m in a really good or silly mood.

I think too much at times and need to work on just enjoying the moment.

I really love spending time at the beach with a good book…

I cannot wait for summer!

I need sunshine and warmth, hugs and smiles.

I should be more spontaneous…maybe.

I can do anything I put my mind to.

I make other people happy.

I always think of others, often before myself.


Wow!  That was so much harder than I thought it was going to be.  I definitely want to try it again in a few months or next year and see how my ideas have changed.  


6 thoughts on “Hello…

  1. What a great format for writing and sharing about yourself. I think we all get inspired by others’ writing ideas/formats. That is one of the great things about this writing community.


  2. Love that you found inspiration in the challenge! It is really fun to get know people through their slices! Your slice today oozes confidence and self awareness! You clearly know your own strengths and areas you’d like to grow – that is a model for us all! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I like borrowing Jennifer’s ideas too. She was the one who got me to join SOLC so many years ago. I am glad to see that you are enjoying your first year!! This was a fun way for me to get to know you 😀

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