Fire Truck

“Wee-oh wee-oh wee-oh” the fire engine blared.

“It’s 8:30,” I thought as I buried myself deeper under my covers.  “Why do they have to do that every weekend?”

“Wee-oh wee-oh wee-oh! Beep!”

You see, I live across the street from a fire station in a small beach community.  The community is very quaint and very friendly.  Usually when the fire trucks are dispatched they even wait to turn their sirens and lights on until they get down the road a bit.  I’m not usually disturbed by them. But each Saturday morning, around 8:30am the firemen go outside and test the horns.  Why? Can’t they wait an hour?

“Wee-oh wee-oh wee-oh!”

There is no use trying to go back to sleep though.  They are my Saturday morning alarm clock.  Thanks firemen for making me start my day!


7 thoughts on “Fire Truck

  1. What a fun use of sound. Your wee-oh wee-oh wee-oh makes it sound more gentle than I imagine it is! Love how you wrap it with the positive – “thanks for keeping me safe” – leaves me feeling protected!


  2. Love your post! Don’t we all have that overly annoying thing in our life that we wish would disappear. I love your attitude, “Then I guess it’s time to start my day!” Thanks for the reminder about keeping the glass half full.


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