The reading coach in my building, Erika, is a slicer too (Erika’s Blog).  So this morning we decided to get together to check in with each other and of course slice.

My 2nd grade class is starting to learn about poetry.  A big concept we are going to try with the class this year is revision work.  One of the first lessons is to take an ordinary object and think about it with a poet’s eye.  We decided to give this a try.  Boy was it harder than I expected.  We’ll see if I make it through revising it too.


Open, close

Open, close

looking for paper

like a mouth looking for food.

Bite down


2 clicks




6 thoughts on “Stapler

  1. One – love that you two got together to do the work of the unit! Second – your poem is so simple and fabulous – “looking for paper like a mouth looking for food” – brilliant simile! Sharing with SES teachers!!! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I loved writing with you. I love the way you are trying out what you’re asking the kids to do. That’s the best way to teach writing. It’s so authentic, and you really get to understand the process the kids are going through. It always reminds me that we are asking kids to do some really challenging (and fun) work. I think this is a poem that your kids will think is pretty cool. I bet they will try turning objects into living beings too! I’m posting my poem now!


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